Hometown Heroes Photo Gallery

94.9 TNT and Bennett Better Built Homes are searching for hometown heroes in Tallahassee, Crawfordville, Thomasville, or anywhere else in TNT Country! Go to the contest page and upload a photo of your hero and tell us why they are a hero to you. We'll choose one winner each month to be featured on the home page of the TNT website AND on the Jeff & Jason Morning Show!

    Hometown Hero's name: Michael Mayfield

    Michael is my nephew, my hero, he fought in the Iraq war and was a survivor, he came home injured and the army discharged him. He is now a fire fighter in Wakulla county. He has 2 small children and a wonderful wife named Krista. He struggles everyday with his injuries and PTSD but he always keeps a smile on his face no matter what. He struggles everyday to make ends meet, because that is what happens when your no longer needed or can be of service to the government. But he is still happy. I love you Michael." -Michelle Dart
    Hometown Hero's name: Kirk Council

    "Kirk leads worship for our youth group and he sets a wonderful example for all youth! Kirk is a down to earth southern gentlemen that is always willing to help anyone! he is very active in church at Crossway Baptist and he is a great role model to all!" -Ashley Bass
    Hometown Hero's name: Derek Smart

    "My brother is my hero because he has always been there for me and I know he would do anything for me. We have the typical brother sister relationship were we fight all the time but at the end of the day we love each other more than anything. He not only is my brother he is my best friend. He joined the military last March and was stationed in Seatle, Washington in August. It has been hard to be away from him but I know that he is not only my hero now he is someone elses too. I hope to see him soon!!!" -Brittani Smart
    Hometown Hero's name: Maureen Olson

    "Maureen Olson is my mom. Not only is she my mom, but she is my friend, mentor, provider, military hero. My mom spends her life living for others and serving others, never once thinking of herself along the way. Raising three children along with her husband, Pete, my dad, in a military family is not always the easiest. Traveling all over the U.S. when my dad was on ships for months at a time tying my little brother to her leg with clothes from a suitcase while we slept in a European airport for two days trying to make our way back to the "States" being deployed to Kuwait for 1 year in her children's crucial years of middle school and high school and STILL able to be part of their important, dramatic, adolescent lives. Although her children are graduated from high school and growing up, Maureen, my mom, still teaches us about honor, tradition, loyalty, friendships, responsibilities, and family. My mom is my hero and I strive to be as brave as she." -
    Hometown Hero's name: Russell Smith

    "He has selflessly served our country even being newly married and a baby on the way. Has been in the army for six years now. He is a true hometown hero to Me and his Mother and especially to his 7 year old sister." -Herb Smith
    Hometown Hero's name: Richard Meuth

    "As chief of the Woodville volunteer fire department my father Richard Meuth is my hometown hero cause it doesn't matter what the time of day or night he risk his life to help those in need from a little baby to an elderly person he has a caring heart and i have never in my life met some one who is more caring. he volunteers his free time to help others. My father will always be my home town hero." -Victoria Meuth
    Hometown Hero's name: Jesus Christ

    "My name is J.D. Shiver, I'm from Monticello, Fl. A year ago I was in a near fatal car accident. When I woke up, I was told if I didn't have Jesus on my side, I would not have made it. So I chose the biggest hero of all to send in, Jesus Christ. and this is not only my hero,but a hero for anyone who asks for help. So again I chose our lord as my hero. PRAISE GOD AND THANK YOU JESUS!!!!" -J.D. Shiver
    Hometown Hero's name: James Michael Walker

    "Our son has served in the Army almost 4 years and all of his time has been far away from home or out of the country. Korea for a year, just got back from Afghanistan for a year and is stationed in New York. Jamie as we call him is our only son. He has two beautiful children that he has not seen but twice in 3 years. He has sacrificed his life for all of us to be free in America and I as his mother appreciate all he has gone through to fight for our freedom!! God Bless my son and all the service men and women. We love you Jamie! Love Mom and Dad" -Eula Walker
    July 2012 Winner!

    Hometown Hero's name: Tracy Smith

    "Tracy Smith is a hometown hero to the local community of Havana. He is a Lieutenant at the Havana Police Department. He puts himself in harms way everyday he goes to work. He goes above and beyond his call of duty. He has won awards for saving a man from committing suicide. He is friendly to every person that he meets and helps everyone he can. He has recently completed his bachelors degree while working full time. He goes around to the local neighborhoods and gives the people advice on how to stay safe.

    He is involved in the local Kiwana club and was the President last year. He heads up a team for American Cancer Society every year. He also heads up a charity for a needy family every Christmas.

    He has collected $1,000s of dollars for families over the years to help make their Christmases wonderful!

    He is currently moving his In-laws in with him and his wife. The are 80 and 90 years old and he is taking care of them on top of everything else he has going on. I really feel as though he is a hero in life and he touches peoples lives everyday." -Lindsey Jemison

    Click here to listen to Jeff & Jason's interview with Lt. Tracy Smith!
    Hometown Hero's name: Jean Josey

    "Jean owns Lucky Duck Resale For Autism, its a local non profit thrift store that resells to help autistic children and their families cope with some of the burdens that Autism creates, such as trouble paying light bills,gas money, food, diapers, wipes etc. Jeans grandson Payne is autistic and the reason the store exsists. She doesnt limit herself to autistism even though thats where her heart is she helps anyone in need if she has the means to. In December Jean raffled off a 34 year old Doll house to provide Autistic children with a wonderful christmas party. I work for Jean everyday, she is such a blessing. I could go on and on." -Jennifer Albro
    Hometown Hero's name: Mitch Outlaw

    "My soul mate, my best friend, my lover often goes humbly unnoticed. He is a very selfless man who will drop everything when his family, friends and neighbors are in need. Mitch's passion in life is to serve his country and to be apart of something bigger than himself. He has successfully completed two deployments in the last five years -- Iraqi Freedom and his latest tour in Afghanistan. Mitch is currently an active duty member of the US Army, and has served eight years on the special forces team. He is a great leader, admired by his fellow unit members, and is constantly enrolling in optional training and courses to improve his skills. There is no bar too high -- the sky is the limit for Mitch Outlaw.

    Mitch not only serves his country, but also his Tallahassee community. When he was a teenager, he was honored in his boy scout troupe as an Eagle Scout. An American flag was flown over the capital to honor his accomplishments and service. One great act of community service included helping build a pavillion at the Ronald McDonald house for families of abuse victims to enjoy while spending time with their loved ones. He has recently decided he wants to continue to serve his local community by following his father's footsteps and becoming a member of the Tallahassee Police Department -- a truly great honor and service.

    Mitch is one of the most outgoing and pleasant people I've ever met. Even when things are down you won't hear him complain. It is Mitch's strength that carries me through each day, as I have been very ill for two years now. Despite having to quit work and constantly going in and out of the hospital, he pushes me to be strong and encourages me to resist the temptation to be negative. Anytime I'm sick and feeling discouraged, Mitch is always there to lift me up. I love him dearly and knew he was my soul mate after only one week of dating. Mitch and I have been married since 7/7/2007, but I think our relationship is just as strong as a marriage of 50 years or more. He is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I thank God everyday for placing Mitch in my path. I don't know how I could ever go through life without him. There are so many other noble things my husband has done, but those deeds usually go unoticed because of how humble he is. I want to show him how deserving he is of this honor, and how important he is to me, our family, his country, and his community." -Amber Outlaw
    Hometown Hero's name: Seth Mardis

    "My big brother is a hero to me because he is fighting for my freedom and everyone else's. He deserves to know how much everyone appreciates his bravery. He is in the Army National Guard and as far as i know, he's still in Kuwait and i miss him dearly." -Lizzie Winstead
    Hometown Hero's name: Winky Jenkins-Rice

    "This amazing person not only owns backwoods bistro in Sopchoppy and Tallahassee but works 40+ hours a week while maintaining a youth group that has needs. She is one of those people that will help you no matter what. Winky has made fund raisers so her youth could have enough money to have school supplies due to their family not making enough. Shes not the wealthiest person but she is the biggest hero I no. She has came out at 4 in the morning just to comfort me while i was pregnant, this lady is the biggest hero in Wakulla county."
    Hometown Hero's name: John Swanson

    "John is a former Marine who has started a local company called Fishing for the Brave. He takes out ALL active duty military and veterans fishing on a charter FOR FREE as a way of saying thank you from our country for serving. He is non-profit and comes completely out of pocket. There should be more people like him in this world!" -Steven Johnson
    Hometown Hero's name: SSG Michael Gaskins

    "SSG Gaskins is my hero! He has served his Country since 2001 and has spent six out of eleven years overseas. He is a soldier who truly cares about the well-being of other soldiers and tries to mentor in any way possible. He is from Tallahassee, FL and is currently assigned to Fort Stewart, GA. " -Melissa Gaskins
    Hometown Hero's name: Taylor Crosby

    "Taylor is not only a loving husband and father, but he is also with the Woodville volunteer fire department and a meter reader for the city of Tallahassee. Taylor works very hard to provide for his family and community. Taylor Ryan Crosby you will always be my hero." -April Crosby